Its hard
April 27, 2008, 6:51 pm
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to be kind when you’ve not really known what kindness is all about.

one needs not be ceasar to understand ceasar. o rly? you can only have an idea of what ceasar truly is or how ceasar truly feels. you can never fully understand what its like to be ceasar when you’re not, was not or never will be cesar.

i’ve been having a lot of trouble finding and keeping a job. and it has been a year now since i started looking. what is wrong with me? i don’t sabotage my interviews, i do the best i can (imo better than every other applicant). why don’t i get hired? is it because i’m fat? is it because i’m a woman? is the boss threatened i might take their positions in a few months due to my performance? yeah fkin right.. why? lord? tell me. i’m listening.

its hard to show kindness when you’ve only known cruelty all your life. there’s a thin line between the two and its easy to mistake one for the other.

i’m just glad its not impossible.


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