We all have principles of our own
September 3, 2007, 1:10 pm
Filed under: Emolation

Priorities. Morals. I am not perfect is an understatement. I do a lot of things that can kill your mothers. I say a lot of things that can kill your fathers. I lost jobs that can potentially bring them back to life.

In spite of everything, i still do have my poor excuse for a sense of HONOR. I can’t beg for love. I will beg for money, or steal them, but i won’t beg or steal love. I always believed its something that humans give us out of their own free will. Sure there would be reasons people would love you or like you. But I sure as hell don’t want the reason to be money. My soul is not for sale. Neither is my body.  (Of course no one’s bidding, none that i know of ) But even if there were.. I am not for sale.

The need is there. The need to belong somewhere. But i don’t want to beg for it. Is it so wrong to believe that love cannot be bought? Fully aware that it takes a lot of money to be comfortable. I still want to believe that love is not about being comfortable. Its about believing in something. Its about fighting for that thing you believe in.

Am I so wrong to believe?


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