IT Ends Tonight
August 22, 2007, 5:59 pm
Filed under: Plate, Random Ramblings

Today is the last day for nominating sites for the annual Philippine web awards. And I’m not in it XD.

But i guess its okay. This doesn’t mean production on The Tikoy Plate would come to an end. I’d still be making comics. For those who read them. Thank you. For those who like them. There’s more. For those who hate em. You’re pwned.

I’ve been trying out this fairly new game. (currently on Open Beta Testing/Soft Commercial Launch) It’s called Perfect World. Lore=Chinese story of creation. Characters = Chinese-looking. Terrain =Ancient China(???) or any other ancient place i dunt knoe about. Monsters = overgrown bugs and mutated animals and a few not-yet-extinct creatures. Gameplay = MMORPG (questing>grinding). Controls = 3rd person/WASD/Point and Click. PVP=duel/Territory Wars. Can has pet? Yes. Can has flight? Yes. Rip-off designs? From monsters to hairstyles to random body parts.

Verdict. Play only if don’t have WoW account or Lineage II account. Which reminds me…  Need more gold.


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