Under Construction
July 18, 2007, 9:00 pm
Filed under: Moving In, Plate, The Night Life

Someone was kind enough to buy me a domain, so i had to find a webhost asap to take advantage of having my own address. Chibi.nu agreed to host it. My very own webcomic. I know, i know, its a long overdue project but you know me… the Queen of Procrastinators. I have a couple of drawings in line oredi and i can’t wait til The Tikoy Plate goes live. Right now all you’ll get would be small preview of what you might find there once it goes live. Under Construction would be smiling at you when you go there now but in a few days (hopefully this weekend) i should have uploaded the first strip. I hope I come up with a pretty good layout. The logo for the plate, I just finished yesterday. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Anyway, after a long wait, I finally gathered enough balls to watch Transformers. I have been avoiding it since its release for the imminent fear of being disappointed.Suffice to say, the movie wasn’t so bad. The execution of the “transforming” was something to look at. The leading lady was nothing but eye candy. The robots had attitude. It wasn’t a total loss if it weren’t for a few cheesy scenes.

In the spirit of robots and machines, I have agreed to fix two computers today. I wasn’t quite sure about this one’s problem save for the fact that it won’t even turn on before i got here. Well, duh it’s fixed now, or do I have to spell it out for you? The other computer is a toshiba laptop though.. I’m not quite sure about that one either but, I’m gonna be pretty bummed fixing it tomorrow. There’s just too many godam (low quality high resolution) pictures in that stupid machine! I wish there was someone out there who could fix people’s heads. Cure them of moron-gitis and assholitis. You borrow your sister’s laptop.. for six long months.. return it to her broken.. and then tell her she doesn’t deserve to own it if she can’t fix it? Now.. what do i call these… I forgot but as soon as I think of a really nasty term.. I’d probably have a name for people like that. For the mean time, let’s just call them big brothers.

Let the good times roll~


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