My uber boring weekend
July 8, 2007, 7:07 pm
Filed under: An Adventure, Emolation

Saturday started like any other boring saturday with a relative’s birthday. Food on the table. Lot’s of it. People from all over the country who are in some way related to us.

Went off with a cousin for the weekend, in an attempt to erase the faint traces of boringitis. Which helped cause i never would have gone to rockwell alone. I’m allergic to high end shit.. Too ex… Can cheap?

National Bookstore. It was the last place i thought i’d ever get cheap ass drawing shit. I bought two sketchpads, a felt tip pen a stupid eraser i probably won’t need (cause erasers are for those who make mistakes…) and a metallic gold pen(don’t ask why).

For some odd reason i didn’t spend as much as i normally have on my other investments. And i really don’t mind spending on things like those too. But fact remains, i saved a lot of cash. Thank the god of the philipine peso.

To end the uber boring saturday, we ate out at some shitty restaurant called “Sakae Sushi”. Shitty place that claimed to serve the best sushi. Sure they do. But they’re not consistent. The only good sushi they had there were the ones NOT on the conveyor belt. Which totally sux cause we ordered all you can eat from the stupid conveyor belt which MAGICALLY doesn’t really have ANYTHING good on it. (I wonder if their chef suddenly got sick or died of malaria)

It was a good thing i ate a lot of ice cream in the morning. Kinda negates the feeling of emptiness dinner left me with.

Nightfall. And who thought i would have fallen asleep oredi. Stupid disney princess puzzle kept us up. But somehow, somwehre in the middle of it, i fell asleep.

Sunday. Finally managed to finish the puzzle. Then went off to james’ place. Now this place is.. amazing. Just what i would’ve imagnied myself to be living in when i grow old. A nice big house. Lots of rooms. Nice BIG kitchen. And lots of food.

They kept themselves busy with the wonderful toy, the nintendo wii, or what i call, a gift from the gods.  Trauma Center. Finally, a game made for dorktors like them. although i must say, it doesn’t really take a doctor to enjoy this. ITs actually FUN.

I just noticed. This place is fun. Nothing but fun. Food. Games. Its like my own little private party with a few friends.

Decided. Wii > PS3.

And so my uber boring weekend draws closer to an end. I must say. I need more boring weekends. Mall isnt so bad. Going out isn’t so bad. But i do miss the internet. (what a dork)


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