On Heaven’s Lobby
June 18, 2007, 3:26 pm
Filed under: The Night Life

Night has fallen and everything is the way it should be. For a brief moment, I was at peace with the world. Sitting across you again. Under the stars. Pouring my heart out. Disturbed only by the sound of your phone which we both know is infinitely more important than my words could ever be. Its okay. I understand how much it means to you.

The night. It is. The night. Will always be. I have always preferred the night to daylight. True, i hate working during the night. Because i want to enjoy it. Rest? I pity those who think that sleep is the only rest a person needs. They fail to comprehend that sleep is only rest for the body. But the mind needs to relax too. Maybe for them its alright. Maybe they find it easy to mask the empty feeling by being around people they think they love and loves them back. Holding on to the thought that only sleep will give you rest.  I could only wish it is the case for me. Had it been true. I would have held on to the task at hand. But no, I grew tired. Maybe they’re tired too.

And so, here I am again. Waiting on heaven’s lobby. The stars will guide me.  But my faith will see me through.


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Hi ate TK. First time ko sa blog mo. Hello. Musta ka na?

Anyhow, karelate ako sa akala nilang sleep lang ang kailangan ng tao. Inlove kasi ako ngayon, hahaha, at very very happy kaya alam kong minsan kahit puyat na mas nakakapahinga ang mahiga lang at magyakapan o umupo kasama ng minamahal mo at makasama lang siya. Madrama no. Well.

Kaya mo yan ate.

Comment by KarlBenj

hmmmm…very interesting!
Thanks google

Comment by Astory

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