My Ass Gets Kissed
June 15, 2007, 11:26 pm
Filed under: Emolation

Yeah.. i enjoy it.. but somehow.. its gets empty when you’re the only one aware of the ass-kissing. Kinda like being humiliated.. only in reverse. Cause you’re actually gonna like it when your ass gets kissed in public. when people shout your name and praises follow it.. that getting private messages that no one would ever see.. then lo and behold.. but you never get good enough credit in public..

yeah, i’m sad.. furious.. jealous. there are people out there.. who can do better at whatever it is i do. there are people out there who are equally good at what i do.. but i’m sure as hell those.. ***ches aren’t one of them. So why do you approve of them.. and reject me.

this is doing a lot for my self-esteem right now. this is what bothers me most.. when we’re alone, you do all you can to lift up my spirits.. then when i’m gaining momentum and actually get to the part where i’m actually liking myself more, you just had to publicly crush me. with all your might. hit me, where you know i’d hurt the most.

oh jealousy, just please consume my entire being and take me to where you are.

i’m not a gamer. i’m not an artist. i’m not a web designer. i’m not a graphic artist. i may never be who or what you want to be. because whatever you want of me, is not something i could achieve ALONE. whatever you want of me.. whatever i want to be.. i can only do, WITH YOUR HELP.

now that i have it out of my system let me be hostile for the last few lines. How does it feel to refuse to help someone who used to refuse you help too? vengeance is sweet. i should eat more of it and get diabetes.


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