Broken Sword
May 27, 2007, 12:51 am
Filed under: Random Ramblings

broken?So i was playing DotA a few hours ago and by some odd miracle i beat Riot. He’s using Meepo and I’m using Enchantress. After I handed his sorry ass to him on a silver plate made of 3 blade mails a vanguard and guinsoo’s scythe of vice, he claimed Meepo was a broken hero. So we made a new match and he used the same hero and I used Vengeful Spirit. He beat me silly and handed my sorry ass to me via lothars edge.

So then, if Meepo is indeed a broken hero, then it means I’m a poor excuse for a Vengeful Spirit ’cause he beat me fair and square. Of course inside of my head I’m still entertaining thoughts of he’s just too chicken to admit that, I (a total idiot) beat him during the first game. It keeps me sane.


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