DotA blues
May 19, 2007, 9:14 pm
Filed under: DeviantArt


after a few months.. this particular drawing has stacked more than a thousand hits on my devart page, which is a lot to me because i don’t advertise my devart a lot. and those hits are probably the results of searches made under these keywords : dota, panda, pandaren, enchantress, dryad…

i should upload more warcraft drawings.. i got a lot haha~

the thing i like the most about drawing… its a form of expression that only an elite few have the command of. its not just any fanboy/fangirl doodling or dressing up as a tribute to their favorite character. lol yeah maybe i’m sore about those cosplayers dicks and those anime fanart wannabes. but more than that i pity da foo (~MR. T) who gets attention and praises even if their work looks like shit.. the drawings i understand.. someone has to start somewhere and its doodling.. there’s no point in telling them their work is great cause we know its kinda shitty but we don’t put them down either because drawing is a skill that can be learned through time( a lot of it) but the cosplay?! come on its not like they tailored those clothes themselves, i know only of a few people who actually make their own costumes.. its kinda like a steal.. but i don’t rly look up to those who force their bodies into those costumes they made and end up looking like total asses because the costume they wore doesn’t look good on them (doesn’t make them look good) and this one, time cannot heal for it is the genetic make up of a person that greatly determines how he/she looks like. bottomline, it just amazes me that there are a lot of people forcing their bodies into costumes that obviously makes them look ridiculous and not in a cute way. when there are a lot of other characters that they could portray that might actually make them look nicer.

people do things for a reason. i just don’t know why.


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