A quill in hand
May 12, 2007, 9:54 am
Filed under: An Adventure

So i debated with myself whether or not to knock loud enough to wake even the neighbors, to enter the open door and invite myself in, or to remain standing outside the castle walls. From what seemed like an hour or so, a guard approached me and asked me of my purpose there. So i said “I come here for the man of red hair.” , then he motioned for me to wait. He ran to the chambers of the man of red hair and tried to alert him of my presence, but as it appears he couldn’t get in the chamber himself as it was locked with several enchantments. No amount of magic on my part was able to open the chamber, thus i was forced to abandon my quest. However, i left the potions he asked of me. And so i headed back to the barracks.

As i sit here, quill in hand, many thoughts raced through my head. Whoever said “knock and the door shall be opened” clearly did not mean it literally. I was a fool to believe otherwise. There are still lots to learn for me about magic and sorcery.

“Dear sleeper you could’ve had the better bed
I loved to watch the way you grew
We’re out, we’re out the door
We’re out, we’re out the door
In this short time we’ve been setting up”


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