Judgement Day
May 11, 2007, 10:34 am
Filed under: Random Ramblings

Only a few more to the days of reckoning, and we will have new political leaders soon.

Why should i care anyway? I mean I’m just a normal(gasp) person living in this town.. well.. fine it isn’t just any town.. its Makati, the empire of one of the most successful political families in this country. Binay. I don’t want to count how many times this old guy broke the rules and got his ass suspended. But, somehow, i think whatever he did to this town, he did it good. ‘Cause i was riding the jeep on the way home from the university of makati when i was greeted by the most incredible traffic jam… well, yeah i’m exaggerating. The traffic jam was just mainly because of the meeting de avance to be held in Pasong Tamo where unfortunately, the jeep i am riding must pass through for me to get home. The driver, to my relief was very talkative, and he rambled on about how stupid the national government is interfering with the road repairs in the local communities during the ELECTION PERIOD.

Jejomar BinayHe was rambling on and on about how the national gov’ment is trying to sabotage the beloved mayor’s (Binay’s) domain by causing such an inconvenience so that the uninformed and the ignorant population (which is probably around 75% of the entire local populace) would end up blaming the current mayor. He’d be losing a lot of votes this way.. heh.

I wouldn’t really mind a new mayor for this town, but the people have come to love and respect Binay, which says a lot about the man. Sure his methods are a little “questionable” but if its for the better then i guess, a dictator isn’t such a bad thing. especially when this dictator is loved by his people.


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