TBS blues
May 9, 2007, 4:33 pm
Filed under: Emolation

so i was listening to a relatively old song. and i happened upon the video by accident.

i know its not much of a video to most of you guys but i like the way the “disaster” scenes turn into “beautiful” scenes.

i guess its just me, being mushy. Taking Back Sunday may not be my favorite band but i’m liking how it sounds.

so here’s the thing, i’m having trouble keeping my nose out of other people’s designs. i need to stay out of anyone’s decision so as not to affect the way they see their designs. because they told me over and over again that i am insignificant and that what i think say or do doesn’t matter. then i guess i should know my place and just shut up. of course if they ask me, i’d answer it is my job to listen. it is my place to sit quietly until someone decides to talk to me. i should keep my mouth shut. it keeps me from hurting people. sure it hurts me, but that’s how it has always been, even before you came. i have always chosen to feel the pain so that others wouldn’t have to. that was who i was once. and its who i should be.  thank you for making me feel like i am entitled to a life. thank you for making me feel.  and here’s what you want? i will be invisible. like a ghost. my presence would be felt only by those who believe that i’m there.

eitherway,  you wouldn’t see me unless you look close enough, but the thing is you made damn clear that you’d rather be doing something else.  and you tell me that i annoy you.

oh master.. i wish i could be of more value to you. but a broken sword is only as good as its shadow.


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