The one who held the storm
April 27, 2007, 12:39 am
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after the job interview i was scheduled for, i went straight to the place where my boyfriend stays. i know he’s busy with the web layout he needs to refine but i went there anyway, just cause he said its alright and i don’t really have much to do here. plus the fact that in spite of everything, i do miss him.

i’ve been on this diet plan for more or less two weeks now and i have been faithfully following the doctor’s orders. but, for some weird turn of events, i partook a few “controlled substances” today. i had a slurpee and some ginger ale.

it was weird because on the way to 7-11, two women walked up to me and asked me if they could just borrow some time and invite me to their newly opened saloon for a free sample of their services. on normal days, i would have loved to go there but i was on an errand: i was tasked to buy some slurpee cause the house is too damn hot and we need to cool ourselves a little.. (personally if it were my house, i would have loved to just prance around in my undies, but it wasn’t my house and i was wearing a long sleeved black shirt a black skirt and a pair of knee socks. uh, yeah.. i was wearing that to my job interview and passed hahaha!) so i went off bought slurpee (which i took down even before i got back to his place cause it was a really really hot day. so that’s how i got hold of the first “controlled” substance for that day. a few hours later, he was hungry. he went out to get some “food” but, he brought back a liter of ginger ale and some chips. yes! i had some potato chips too! now i wanna kill myself.

as i was hanging out with him, of course i’d talk, i can’t just sit there and stare at the computer. somehow, the conversation got to a part where i’m dead and needs an epic burial. it was time to go home. night has fallen. so i went back here. i asked him a very big favor, that when i die, i want him to bury me.

i’ll bury you in the highest hilltop;
and make a shrine;
“here lies the one who held the storm”


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