Math exams
April 27, 2007, 5:12 pm
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i went out to attend an exam at an office i’m applying at. and surprisingly enough, not really but still… the exam given to me was a big fucking math problem.. ten big fucking math problems. it wasn’t hard or anything cause they let us use calculators but i found it weird. i have applied for different jobs before and not nice was i faced with math problems. but i guess this is how they gauge their potential employees.

in 20 minutes, 5 minutes less than the required time, i was able to complete the exam and i’m confident with the answers i gave them. i was interviewed again by one of their HR people and she told me that someone would call me on monday to give me the results of my application. if they forget to contact me, then i’d probably just have to text wendy for the results.

4pm i’m home already, just in time. Because a few minutes after that, it rained. and it still is.


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good job tk… math is the universal language of the planet. ^_^

Comment by beanster

music is the universal language.

math.. is uh.. tedious.

Comment by katrina

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