Beyond Words
April 24, 2007, 11:11 am
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“he recognized her from the past. her hair cut short. her clothes all black. a witch, perhaps, could help where a goddess could not.”

there was a time when a mortal man stumbled upon a goddess. the creature was neither intimidated nor scared of the greatness of the woman. maybe it was her eyes.. maybe it was her voice.. or maybe.. just maybe because she was living inside a cage. the creature visited her everyday telling her of stories outside. she listened, sang her share of stories. agreed. disagreed. argued. they became friends nonetheless..

she always stood by the the tiny window in her prison of gold. waiting. anticipating, when will he arrive? when will i hear his stories again. of life. of love. of death.. one day he came carrying a huge axe. the goddess was taken aback by his appearance, hostile it seemed.. but he gently asked her to move aside. so she took a step back and watched as he destroyed the lock. strangely enough, she felt something. which was strange, because her kind, do not feel. she did not have much time to think either as he grabbed her hand and took her away. she was free. he freed her. then she stumbled and fell to the ground. he stopped and looked at her. weak. defenseless. she stared at him pleading – “help me get up” but he was in such a hurry that he left without her. his village was burning and he thought the goddess could help him. but seeing her fall to the ground, asking him for help.

his faith waver. so he walked. to the east. and found a woman sitting by a rock. he recognized her from the past. her hair cut short. her clothes all black. a witch, perhaps, could help where a goddess could not. he walked to her and spoke in a loud voice. then he noticed.. she was crying. he tried to comfort her forgetting about his burning village and the goddess. then an ogre came. he tried to defend the witch but she pushed him to the ground to greet the ogre with a kiss. and then he realized what just happened..

he remembered his village.. he remembered the fallen goddess. he ran back and was surprised to see his village still intact. shaken.. but nonetheless safe. his friends from the village greeted him and told him they managed to put the fire out by themselves. a few houses burned but fortunately, no one died. he was so happy that he ran back to the golden cage where he usually talks to the goddess about his life and his village.. but found it shattered and broken. he then remembered that he took her out of that cage. they ran.. but she fell down.. and now.. her cage.. it wasn’t really a cage to keep her locked in.. it was a cage to keep everyone else locked out.. that she may be safe from all harm and that she be kept clean from all the filth of the world. he went looking for her..

she wasn’t hard to find.. he knew she was weakened.. so she couldn’t have gone far. and there she was just beyond the hill east of the village, not far from where he met the witch and the ogre. he hardly recognized her.. her clothes were dirty, her face as dirty.. but as he approached.. she saw him.. and the faintest smile appeared on her lips. he called out to her but she did not answer. he ran towards her and her eyes lit up with joy at seeing an old friend. he talked and talked and talked about what happened to him.. but she did not say a word. he thought she hated him.. for leaving. he thought she forgot him.. when he left.. but, she did not. he knew she had a lot to say… but how could she? she has lost her voice.


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