Technical support continued~
April 21, 2007, 2:42 pm
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When they said they’d come back here today, i didn’t think it would be early in the morning.. but then again i am relieved that its over and done with. They replaced the old usb modem with a (hybrid) usb/ethernet modem and i can browse the internet again in this computer.. plus i can finally TRY to configure the wireless router so we can shared the internet anywhere within the house.

Leenie and i were doing some (spring?) cleaning.. well, actually, we’re just tidying up her room. something we’ve been meaning to do since she got back from med school (only to go back there a few days from now for internship).

In the midst of all the chaos i am working on a project, something i always wanted to learn but never had the patience to – 3d modeling. this is technically my first 3d model (since, i’ve only been editing the others). i haven’t really done much since for the first few hours.. okay.. days.. i was still trying to learn the concept of 3d and so far, i’m treating it like modeling clay.. a digital sculpture. i know its not much but, i am proud of it. i mean.. someone i don’t know said “its better than most n00bs’ work” “did she have a reference picture?” and stuff like that, which i took as a compliment. haha! it sounded like one anyway. the software i used here (as you can see in that picture) is no where near 3d studio max. i found 3dsmax too intimidating to learn so i found this (japanese) 3d modeling software, easy to learn, not too many buttons to press, not too intimidating.. plus.. its frikin candy colored ^_________^ its called metasequoia i’m not going to elaborate how i came upon this wonderful toy.. anyway, i just stole a little time to go online and take a break from all that chaos in the other room.

i’ll be posting updates later. busy busy.. hahahahaha!

i know you can be an asshole sometimes, but i do miss you, you do know that, right?


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