Technical support isn’t too helpful
April 20, 2007, 6:39 pm
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Globelines just left the house an hour ago and it pisses me that they weren’t able to fix the problem. On the contrary, they made the situation worse. The doofuses (for lack of a better word) uninstalled the modem driver for the desktop pc and tried to connect it using the modem they brought with them.. after trying several modems, none worked and since all else failed they just opted to hook up this laptop to painfully slow internet (better than nothing i guess) and leave their “test” modem here as a temporary solution, they’re coming back here tomorrow and i hope they’ll be able to fix the darned connection.

i’m so damn pissed at the quality of technical support these local companies have, i mean we are paying subscribers.. and mind you, we’re not on the “affordable” plan either.. we’re on the fastest possible local subscription and it makes me sad that the kind of service they give is less than half-assed.

now i’m behind schedule. tough chance being able to finish 2 moogle meshes…

fuck this connection..


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