My Sacrifice
April 6, 2007, 2:56 pm
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i was busying myself with an old game: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. And surprisingly enough i enjoy it more than the other FFTactics game I used to play…. Maybe because I have playable MOOGLE characters in FFTA.

=^o^= Kupo!

And here we are Holy Week.. Good Friday no less.. And I am finally online after a couple of weeks… I am getting tired my blog layout and I feel like making a new one… Although I am n00b with CSS I am learning.. Its not that hard.. guuhhh.. I am a programmer after all.. in spite of what I say.. or do.. I CAN program.

I’m waiting for devart to finish up their maintenance work on the site then I’d be able to upload the “new look” I want for the blog. ‘Cause frankly, black.. dark.. it’s not me.. not right now.

I’m feeling kupo today! The irony..? Good Friday? Not really, I always believed that we should be happy during Holy Week, because if not for it.. we’d all have been burning in hell by now.

So I say, be happy!

Remember the dead… But fight.. For the LIVING!


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