Denial: Maybe that’s a lie~
February 28, 2007, 7:52 pm
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My cousin just won the singing contest at this medical school. And I was there. Personally, I think she should have won first place instead of second. The voting part made her lose. She did not bring enough people to cast votes for her, but for the most part… at the very least, the people who know what they’re talking about (a.k.a. the judges) think she is the best out there. She sang a particularly old song: Time and Tide by Basia And hell yeah she was the best out there in that school.. although it did not surprise me that a PROFESSOR won the first place. HAHA.. he brought his entire class to support him there so its no surprise that he’d win the contest 🙂

But all that… doesn’t mean a thing.. at least to me.. (except maybe for the cash prize) If you did not beat everyone else.. you’re still a LOSER. There’s no such thing as second place winners.. only the first placer’s LOSERS. On that note.. don’t challenge me if you’re not gonna give your all. You’re gonna lose. No second places here. It just doesn’t count it. You lose to me EVEN if I lose to someone else… It still makes you a loser to me.

Winning popularity contests just doesn’t cut it. Unless you’re a frickin’ politician. Its skill that matters.. Unless you’re one of them losers who think that its ONLY the connections that matter. Of course the people you know is important.. But, you shouldn’t rely on it too much, on people, it takes more than that.. On other people. Its not them who’s gonna get you to places. Its your own sweat and blood.


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