I don’t need a reason
February 8, 2007, 6:15 pm
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So like, who cares? I will not be bound by the laws of mortal understanding. I do what I do and I have nothing to prove to anyone else but myself.

I will not be bound by pesky things like the day of the week.

Go where the wind takes me.

Drama? yeah so what? I find it better than to be bound to this earth. A prisoner of norm. Confirming to what people expect from me. Irresponsible? It matters not. I prefer to call it freedom of choice.

I no longer care of the existence of those who contraDICK my thoughts. Its not my problem. It’s theirs because they’re too narrow-minded. (Although, I prefer to call them DIMWITS)

But hey, that’s life, you gotta share this planet with the other human species. I’m just happy for the existence of animals. Makes this place a little more like home.


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