What if i run out of things to sell?
February 7, 2007, 9:42 pm
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you have a few more days in the gregorian calendar to find another girlfriend/whore before valentines day to become your garage sale. because i ran out of things to sell to you. personally, i think you’d be as pathetic to find another old friend confide in her your problems and feelings about me then go fuck her after a month or two(took a year for me though, guess i’m not that pretty)

and since sawa ka na, i have nothing more to offer.

congratulations, you have your life back. call it depression, inspiration? whatever dude. point is you can now write your swansongs again.

those are but excuses because you have issues. a lot of things you cannot say to people to their faces that’s why you blog.

and what’s worse.. you remain anonymous.

big fucking surprise.

just like your old friends, you are a coward. you cannot tell people how you feel to their faces because you are scared of what they may or may not think about you.

moderate this comment all you want but it remains to be read. by all of you.

i may be lonely but i wouldn’t go through lengths to find an old friend in the internet then end up in bed with her.

i am not angry.

i am furious. because now that i have nothing more to sell… i am useless.


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