Mga lata~
August 13, 2006, 3:09 pm
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i, a loveleh lowly Corite Masseuse, commend you. For your Unity. For the Love. For the WIN.

i attended yesternight’s Accretian Grand EB. being a Corite, i was half-expecting hostilities. to my surprise, these pieces of metal are actually friendly.

the first “lata” i met was BrainShock (i hope i got your name right dude~)we stood for a few minutes outside the cafe before we succumbed to the urge of going inside and taking a look.

i found my old classmate from highschool. Morrigan. Tukneneng. it has been a while since i last saw her. but nothing much changed.

it was the first ever RFonline EB that i actually went to. and i am not really surprised that they occupied the entire shop. well, occupied is not really the term. more like… OVERRUN. Phoenix Cafe was literally overflowing with “accretians”

well. it shouldn’t really surprise me since 49% of the entire game population is from Accretia.

i’m just envious, seeing as how the group believed in their leader, Restless. it was no wonder they’ve been pwning Chip Wars for quite some time now.

my race is far from perfect.. but i can dream can’t i? i just wish Cora would get themselves a “great” leader again… SOON.


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