HOMOPHOBIA so there was this boy… and there w…
July 19, 2006, 4:45 am
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so there was this boy… and there was this other boy.. and they were NOT gay. but i heard them talking about this other boy who everyone knows is gay. so i inched closer to hear their conversation. they noticed me listening in so they asked me to join the discussion. which was mostly me asking them questions about this gay dude they feel very uncomfortable hanging out with. and the bottomline was. this gay dude tried to grab this boy i was speaking to and tried to hug him. “he’s a perv” said the boy who almost got grabbed by this gay dude. and i just raised an eyebrow.. “maybe… just maybe…”

then came breaktime. lunch. i had lunch with the other group of people in my class. then this other guy asked me to go to the lung center with him. i said “i don’t smoke, man..” and he said “it’s alright you’re just coming along for the conversation.” we went to the lung center and he opened this topic about the boy i was speaking to earlier and the guy who tried to grab him. it appears that the prior weekend he and that guy who tried to grab the one i spoke to earlier had a drink together with the other batchmates. and the grabber gay dude kissed him that night. “..creepy” i was just staring because i know the guy i was speaking to now, the one who asked me to the lung center, is definitely gay. a gay dude and another gay dude kissed him. so he is a perv after all.

i guess i do live in a colorful world. i just needed to open my eyes and listen to the sound of nature taking its course.

letting boys be boys.. and letting gay dudes be gay.

“let me know the truth~ let me know the truth~”


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