Miming Chronicles II i’m warming up to my offic…
July 18, 2006, 1:38 pm
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Miming Chronicles II

i’m warming up to my officemates now, i’m talking to them now. i find it easier than keeping to myself and being an ass. of course i’m still being an ass but only to a certain extent.

i have quite interesting classmates with stories to tell. i love stories. for now i got none. i’m tired. ever since working again i’ve been sleeping a solid 6hr a day schedule and i’m fine with it.

its all good. i never imagined i’d be enjoying the company of my officemates. this is actually a good thing. because i tend to quit my job because of INTENSE loneliness.

now, i can safely say i’m coming out of my shell. i’m happier now. i know i still run the risk of getting dissapointed but i’m keeping my emotions in check all the time now.

i don’t need to be too attached to them because my friends outside keep my loneliness meter at an all time low.

“…at a point where we both know that leaving the other will never be an option”


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