if you walk out on me~
July 15, 2006, 9:42 pm
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i woke up with an uber headache kaninang umaga. to the sound of a voice i didn’t expect to be waking me up on that day in that bed.

i saw him standing on the doorway and said hi and walked up to him. heh, i got caught sleeping in my office attire, i didn’t bother changing clothes when i got home last night because i was godam tired. he asked me to go with him to the mall and i said sure. so i went to the bathroom to freshen up and get rid of the bagong gising look complete with muta and laway na panis.

so we went to that place called a mall. O_o and searched for the almighty jamaican patties. but it was lunchtime and i guess we were hungry, so we ate japanese fast food. then went on to look for the glory of the jamaican patty.

after acquiring some(actually a boxful) we went on to the fork in the road at ayala/buendia. he needs to take the almighty patties to his hometown up in the mountains and i need to go back to my village and rest up because it was exhausting to walk that far. surprisingly enough my feet didn’t hurt. a great big steed called “the bus” stopped in front of us and before he boarded it he planted a farewell on my cheek, which was weird because as much as possible we never show emotions especially in public. people might mistake us for something else.. something.. weak. so i went on my way and headed to the direction of my village.

back home, i was really tired. i tried to do laundry but i ended up just soaking the clothes, i’ll go finish the laundry tomorrow. then i fell asleep back in that room. no more wake up calls for that day.


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