just when
July 14, 2006, 10:09 am
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you start to make friends and form ties, something happens that forces you to be away from each other.

i’m talking about a new friend i made at work. he has to leave for the states because he cannot get a refund or a reschedule for his flight to san diego with his family for a month long vacation his brother had planned after his graduation.

oh well~

that’s why i hate making friends. i become dependent on their existence. i guess this is what makes me human. and weak.

maybe i’d bring a camera to werk today and shoot something ^_^

i wanna capture a lightning bolt tonight before i go home. heh.. good luck to me.. hehehehe… i’d upload it as soon as i take a shot at it.

i’m joining the photography club here at work.. either that or the airsoft team. personally i’d prefer the airsoft team because, photography is.. kinda well.. its something i like doing alone or with a few close.. like really really close eat together bathe together sleep together kind of friends.

if only i can afford airsoft gear.. i think the gun club would teach me more than the photography club.

life i guess.. happens to all of us.

but hey, i like challenges. i may not pull through most of them but i sure as hell do try.


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