speak now or forever fall to pieces~
July 13, 2006, 9:39 am
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“I can’t ever deny this
This gift you won’t hide
This scene that we’re in together
The story of our lives
Broken, lover
Tears flow, endless rivers
One love, one heart
Still we won’t sever”

time has become something i barely have right now. being used to having all the time in the world is kinda stupid. now i need to rush things because i haven’t the time to do anything, and now i’m using it up to write here. i can barely see my friends now. and i miss them. i miss you. i miss listening to music.. i miss the sky.. i miss the stars.. and Elune.. my Elune.

time is a luxury. so if you ever had something you wanted to say. start talking.

because time is not in my hands. sadly i cannot buy it either. even if i had the money for it.

i may change.. i may get anything i want.. but my soul knows where it belongs. and it will always lead me back to you. do not underestimate me, my friend. i’m not like everyone else. my will be done, so mote it be.


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really? speak now? hhhmmm….sometimes being silent is the most important thing rather than to speak…

Comment by kamatarichan

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