smile again~ arigatoo!
July 12, 2006, 9:39 am
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the world is playing tricks on me…

you see a few weeks ago, my cousins/friends tried to force feed another useless “jdorama” into my precious head. hana yori dango… ugh…(cringes) starring arashi.

and well.. i got this batchmate from work sitting at my table bears an uncanny resemblance to japanese pop idol jun matsumoto… and its disturbing because he’s the guy who played the lead role in hana yori dango.

i hate mind tricks. the world is cheating. CHEAP SHOTS are not counted y’HEAR!


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qtf, i dun wanna hear that anytime soon. i mean common, we’ll probably plagued by that song if aileen is around o_O

Comment by Riot

you dun hafta listen to it j00 n00b >_< we can sleep when aileen starts playing that shit ^_^ or pretend we’re asleep

Comment by katrina

well… well.. what we have here… ARASHI?! i know you will like it!!! welcome to the club!!

Comment by kamatarichan

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