chivalry is dead
July 12, 2006, 10:54 pm
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“at least i thought so…”

i was walking home this night after my shift ended at 10pm and the winds were howling and the clouds are threatening me with rain. the winds were beating my tired body. i almost fell into a puddle of mud.

so i walked until the graveyard on the way home when it suddenly started to rain. i walked faster but it just rained harder. at the end of the graveyard, there was a tavern(actually it was a bar/lounge/karaoke) and of course there was a waiting area there that was at the very least sheltered from the rain. so i just stood there, dripping wet. waiting.. for the rain to stop. then suddenly a waiter comes out of the tavern and asked me to come in because in spite of the roof i was still getting hit by rain water. i thanked the kind soul and stepped into the bar. he offered me a seat and so i rested my weary feet for a few minutes before he went out of the bar and hailed a cab for me and sent me on my way with nothing less than a smile.

i got home safe, wet, tired, but happy. after i thought i already lost hope in the kindness of humans, a stranger had to remind me that not all men are pigs. not all women are whores. not all humans are coniving manipulative opportunistic heathens. it has nothing to do with their gender nor their species. people do things out of their own will. there may be factors that affect their decision making but i will not discuss that because frankly, i know shit about that. so tonight i sleep with a happy heart and a peaceful mind. and a dream that the world isn’t as bad as i thought it was. and that kindness will show its beautiful face amidst a dark and stormy night.

gawd.. i probably just looked godam hot that’s why that waiter helped me out~ lolU hehe…


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