the need to write something.. profound?
July 8, 2006, 2:42 pm
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why do people have this need to write something profound, enlightening, or interesting in their blogs? why do people blog anyway?

oh wait, i blog.. i should know. well, my reason isn’t as grand as other people’s reasons. some people want to inform, educate, be artistic, update friends on what’s happening in their lives.

as for me, i blog because i have few friends. and these people, i rarely talk to because of “separate lives in separate cities” and because i have trouble expressing what i really feel. no i’m not shy, i’m just INCREDIBLY sarcastic, about everything. i just don’t really see the value of words in the outside world, because generally, people lie. so why bother, right? talk is cheap. true, i have friends and family and a love (or do i?), but well, i cannot expect them to tell me everything all the time, and once you withold information, its aready lying but only if that information has something to do with you, if it has the potential to kill you. what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but it can kill you.

but then again there are other ways for me to show people how i feel.. that’s why i draw. and it makes me feel better. like drugs. O_o errr.. kitten huffing.

bottomline: my writing skills sux. my communication skills sux. the irony of life: i work at a call center.


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