yakusoku wa iranai
June 29, 2006, 12:41 pm
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“there is no need for promises”

i just got back from an exam a while ago from a potential employer. another call center. but this time around i intend to keep the job they’d offer me, should i pass the final interview later 3pm.

if i do not sabotage myself.. i can go places. i know i can. i didn’t know what held me back all these years.. maybe i’m just godam lazy T_T

no time for that now. i need money O_o

don’t we all?


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i dont need money, i need “britney” LOLX’ed hahahaha

Comment by Riot

use money to live not live for money.. thats the way it goes…

you’ve learn your lesson… i hope you wouldnt do another one this time…

if you mess this up again… i dont know what im gonna do to you…

and this is your chance to tell everyone that you can do it.. and you can stand on your own…

dont forget to thank god for this job.

Comment by kamatarichan

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