kotoba wa iranai
June 28, 2006, 12:13 pm
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“live like there’s no tomorrow; laugh like you’ll die today”

katrina, talk is cheap. there will be no more need for words, your words. you should not write about your life anymore. you’d end up lying anyway. living under the illusion that everything is under control, when it is not. trust me katrina.. you are a wreck.. you never controlled anything.

katrina, you need to grow up. fairy tales do not exist. they’re diversions parents invented for children. to give them hope. to keep them hoping. but children grow up. like all humans do. hell, even animals grow up.

time to let go. of dreams. face it. out here… katrina.. you are nobody, no one can save you.. no one is out to get you.. you are insignificant. the only way you’d be truly alive is when you become a part of something significant. like a job.. an organization.. a church.. any group that the world deems significant.

do not throw your life away. someone will be sad. you do not want to be the cause of that sadness.. you never wanted to cause anyone pain.. you’re just too godam irresponsible. you are running out of time, katrina.. out of options.

make the most of what little opportunity you have right now. don’t throw it all away. refuse to live under that illusion. turn your back on death. you’ll get there one day.. no need to chase after it.


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Everything is fated to end, just defy it as long as you can, its like masturbation or sex, the more you hold back while doing it, the better it will get when you get off.

Comment by Riot

memories are the best thing god gave man. and i am thankful i have them.. now.. i should learn to use them. and make the most out of life. because whether i like it or not. i will have a future. death is a luxury, my kind cannot afford right now.

Comment by katrina

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