the end of the line~
June 25, 2006, 7:53 pm
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I know that you see the trees
Made of gold And I’ll see the world war in your
Eyes unfold I know that you will be
perfect and mine When you see your world stop short
Of the end of the line “

its been a few days since i last said anything. but my silence means nothing. maybe i was just tired? maybe.. who knows. last friday i went to places i never would have on my own. it feels like an RPG. after a long hiatus, an old friend returned to me, and asked for a favor i could not refuse.. out of love, perhaps.. out of comraderie.. or out of brotherhood? needless to say, i went with him. i was like a child, gawking at anything i saw.. anything because frankly, that place.. is totally new to me. should he decide to leave me there.. i would never have gotten home. alive. but he didn’t so i’m still here. i never knew QC was so big.. and.. well.. not as pretty as the place i’m from. makati. yeah there were buildings.. stuctures.. schools.. fast food.. mall.. trains.. buses.. cars.. blazing fast cars.. and buses that could have killed me if i wasn’t really careful out there. but to me, it was hostile territory. after finishing his “quests” we went out to see a movie. its been a while since i went to see a movie. i enjoyed it. a lot. it was a long day. he took me back home and he left because dusk was upon us. and elune has not shown her face. it was dark and he needed rest as well. i tried to go to sleep.. but i found my cousin still awake on her bed. it has been a while since i last felt like this.. i told her all about my adventures for the day. i was surprised i didn’t fall asleep at once.. i was tired.. but i was too excited. the adrenalin rush.. i never felt this rush in a long time. my feet hurt from all the walking but it was all worth it. i abandoned him once before.. but i will never again make that mistake. this time around, i take it upon myself to always look after his safety, in my own little way. heck i even go to church now.

i helped my friend finish his quests.. but i have yet to finish mine. my quests started a long time ago.. and everytime i try to get it, ifind myself failing each and everytime. and now. it scares me. my ass is broke. but then again.. it is just money… what i have right now.. is peace.


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