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June 22, 2006, 8:30 am
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“what can’t kill me will only make me stronger.”

today i met a few people who helped me take on challenges that i would otherwise be unable to perform alone.. yes.. i was on PQ the whole day/night/twilight/dawn.

it was the first time i set foot in that environment so my legs were still kinda shaky.. but my party members helped.. a lot.. yeah.. i’m their leader.. and they’re my party members.. lol.. a n00b leading them.. and actually pulling through.

slime king was a pushover.. i had 2 asassins and 1 bandit in the party so it was kinda easy for them to take out the slime king.. the sins alone were enough.. all i had to do was speak to the fairies.

although my corporeal manifestation is reeking with disease, i still found my way around. it has been three or more earth days, i have been experiencing what seems like asthma.

i stayed with my doctor cousin for the weekend and it still haven’t gotten better..

i still feel nauseaus every now and then and i still feel like my lungs are being torn from my chest. its painful but bearable. just like everything in the world..

it will pass.


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just because you’re the n00b doesent mean you dont deserve to be the leader, same goes for disease, just because you’re sick doesent mean you’re gonna die.

or like in school. just because you’re absent doesent mean anyone can take away your grade. or maybe they can.

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