bride in dream
June 15, 2006, 2:21 pm
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“dreams upon the still of night.. take me on your wings of flight~”

i had a dream last night… it was so beautiful. i was there.. in a white dress.. beautiful.. more beautiful than the sky.. more beautiful than the moon herself.. walking down the aisle.. slowly.. but i can’t hear a sound.. the sun pours its light into the church.. as i walk down, i strain my eyes.. i could not see the face of the man at the other end.

needless to say, i was scared.. walking down the aisle, not knowing who.. or perhaps what was at the end of it.. so.. i.. ran.. away. outside the church was a white horse.. more magnificent than anything i ever saw. regardless of the dress, i mounted it. and rode like the wind.

everything went by a blur.. then i find myself standing in a place what looked like. paris.. me.. my canvas.. and my paint.. my horse was gone.. but there was a bike that replaced it.

i saw everything.. the trees.. the flowers.. the birds.. and amidst it all.. i stood.

i am the wind.


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