at the top of the world
June 13, 2006, 11:44 am
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“~from up here the city lights burn… like a thousand miles of fire.. “

i find myself staring up at the sky once again. up here, on this rooftop, i feel, alive. and free from all the troubles the world throws at me. somehow i feel them all melting away. and i’m not talking about love here. i’m beyond that. i have always been beyond mortal understanding. i am the wind.

up here.. i feel like… uh.. batman. yeah.. even if i am a woman.. i still find it comforting to compare myself with a man. no, i’m not a lesbian, not a tomboy, not a feminist.. for crying out loud.. ugh.. spare me.

i just think i kinda understand what it feels like.. being on top of a tall structure.. looking down on all the people.. on the entire city.. realising that, each and every single one of them has had their own share of problems. and that i am insignificant. i’m no hero, but the good news is, i don’t have to be. at least not to those people. it is not my moral obligation.

but then again… what defines morality?


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