a piece of steel
June 12, 2006, 2:01 am
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“hello there, the angel from my nightmares, the shadow in the background of the morgue~
the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley… “

sudden realizations:

-i cannot stay up two nights in a row without feeling nauseaus.

-i can survive without food for two days as long as there is water.

-if offered food i tend to refuse even when hungry. but when the food is placed in front of me, i feed upon it.

-i can sleep on cold hard ground, but beds are always welcome.

-i am dependent on technology but i won’t admit it to people who don’t know me well enough.

-subjecting myself to pain every once in a while makes me feel like i am slowly regaining the pride i lost as a warrior.

-i am not smart, i only make people believe i am. it doesn’t make me better than them, but who said being better matters.

– i do not speak perfect english. my writing is crappy. my wordplay sux. my vocabulary is as limited as a child in kindergarten, luckily my heart isn’t as pure. imagine if i were to become purely evil…

-i am not the master of my universe, because god will not allow kids without licenses driving around town risking injury to themselves as well as other people.

-tummy aches and nausea are annoying when the gastrointestinal tract is practically a ghost town.

-yawning hurts. stretching hurts more. lying down with a stuffed animal helps ease the pain, somehow.

-i would rather not have a stuffed panda toy on my bed while i sleep. because, hugging a panda stuffed animal is like hugging a dead panda.. only softer.

-make up is good. only if you know how to use it. a friend always said: the weapon is only as good as its wielder.

-music is as powerful as any art form, if not.. even more. songs have the uncanny ability to make a human heart weep… but it also has the ability to heal it.

-i’d rather lose my legs, than my arms.

-i’d rather lose my arms than my mind.

-but if i can help it, i’d rather NOT lose anything at all.

sick with nausea, i still find the strength to sit up and write something because i cannot sleep. i cannot sleep because thoughts fill my head. and i am high with power. i finally reached level 26 archer. i know its not much but, i’m proud of it. i managed to exceed my goal tonight, which was level 25. and tomorrow i say goodbye to this pc. a friend, a confidant… but nonetheless… a machine. lifeless.. but loved. heartless.. but still finds it in her to comfort me. goodbye bMAU. rest assured, the emptiness you leave here in my sanctuary will be filled by steel worthy of my respect with far superior capabilities. yeah and i will get a scanner too… and an UBER tablet… like in any MMOG i play… stats can only do as much… that’s why they invented equipment, to enhance those stats… ten they went even further and over upgraded their equipment… resulting to…. PWNAGE.


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So sad for the PC, talk about getting screwed over. You’ll live to see another day.

Comment by Riot

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