after the interview yesterday, i am quite pleased …
June 9, 2006, 11:01 am
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after the interview yesterday, i am quite pleased with myself. i spoke to three of the most important people in that company, the HR, the marketing manager for Ragnarok and the marketing manager for both Rf and Rose. i was lucky because yesterday was quite a busy day for them and they managed to squeeze in an interview for me. the interviews went well and i’m now waiting for a phone call from HR for the schedule of my final interview.

i am really looking forward to making a career out of this. i always loved the gaming industry. and even if most of my friends will hate me for aligning myself with this company, i know that one day they’ll understand. it may not be soon but, i know, if they are real friends who really love me, they will understand me and the decisions i make. after all they have no choice but to trust me. to trust that i can take care of myself. to trust that i know what will make me happy. to believe in me and what i can do. maybe, that’s why they’re my friends.


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