writing an essay about my gaming career proved to …
June 7, 2006, 10:25 am
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writing an essay about my gaming career proved to be a difficult one.. where to start, what to talk about, how to end.. i now realized how much time i spent playing. how a big part of my life was spent in front of an electronic “toy”.

i can’t really say its a healthy childhood, to sit in front of the tv and a computer for hours a day, but i wouldn’t change it. because somehow.. even if i deny it, it greatly influenced what i am today.

who am i? well.. i have a pretty vague idea of who i am but, i’m sure as hell about one thing though. i am at peace when i’m in front of the computer.. playing games. even when i have problems about my life.. somehow, remembering the lessons those games taught me has helped me deal with my life. contrary to popular belief, that videogames teach us nothing and just waste our time, i believe i have learned a lot from playing games. i learned how to deal with friends.. and family. i learned how important my friends are. Inspite of what i make them go through, they still come back to me and comfort me everytime i’m down, even when i refuse their company.

as corny as it may sound, the power of friendship kept me going. who are my friends? well… i have lots, where do i start? i have two sets of friends, the ethereal ones.. and the corporeal ones.. although i am more at home with my ethereal friends… i love my corporeal friends just the same.

sure i spent a lotta hard earned cash on games, but i can say, it was all worth every cent. even if the game companies don’t really deliver the quality of service i expected of them, its alright. i’m not sore about it anymore. i cannot be angry all my life because of money, right?

i write an essay for tomorrow is another day. if i do land that job.. may the light of elune shine on me…



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