i applied for a new job again.. a couple of call c…
June 6, 2006, 8:25 pm
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i applied for a new job again.. a couple of call centers.. but yesterday, i also sent an email to a very evil company… a company that corrupts the souls of those who tread its murky waters… a company called… Level-UP-Games…

it wasn’t much.. i didn’t really think they’d email me back. because i applied there last year and couldn’t attend the final interview hence, i did not get accepted. but now, this? its inviting me again.. reminded me of an anime i watched a long time ago.. i know the opening words of the anti-hero. not the exact words but i think i got the idea of what she was saying:

there are no pretenses in the dark
there is no need for masks here
the naked face of aggression
the raw demand is its life
all of it is truth
all of it absolute

you too have the dark within you
why must you try so hard to hide it

that… shining… on your face.
that’s what they call tears isn’t it?
tears.. of course, were the only thing i cast away,
in choosing this path

come, won’t you?
savor the fear
expose your inner-self…
throw it all away…

there.. you can see it now can’t you?
your true form.
accept from me, if you will,
the kiss of DEATH.


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