i found out a while ago that the dsl people came …
May 17, 2006, 9:25 am
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i found out a while ago that the dsl people came to this house yesterday but there was no one here so they were unable to set up my connection. bummer.

i’ve been keeping myself busy in the meantime so my brain doesn’t rot. i’ve been drawing and coloring a lot lately. here’s on of them. yeah yeah.. big surprise.. its mogster.. yet again. i used watercolor on it. and its kinda crude. i’m gonna be better.

anyway, i was watching news the other day and they’re going to show the Da Vinci Code here… with a mature rating. HAHAHA! i knew they can’t ban that movie here. even if this is a catholic country with members of Opus Dei crawling all over the place. because let’s face it. the movie s based on a book based on fiction. fiction = not real. may be based on some facts but the book is under fiction. meaning we shouldn’t take it seriously. c’mon, guys, its not a bible, its a fiction book. let’s just leave it at that and enjoy the movie. we have to learn to let loose sometimes… people can be such tight-asses here in this country. sometimes its amusing, but for the most part, its annoying.


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